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Reinforcing the customers' trust

Reinforcing the customers' trust

With the aim of reinforcing customer trust, we at Bharat Petroleum introduced the Pure for Sure (PFS) program at Bharat Petroleum fuel stations to assure our customers of our commitment to provide the purest fuels and services.

The Pure For Sure program triggered a whole new movement in the fuel retailing industry in India, which was a recognition of the consumers’ need for trustworthy and reliable fuel stations.

Launched on 15th August, 2001, the programme made the first ever promise of purity and service at fuel stations. Our Pure for Sure promise comes with the assurance of Pure Fuel at the right quality & quantity, courteous service and fuelling efficiency for our customers.

At every Pure for Sure fuel station, we ensure 100% quality to our customers from our supply points to the consumers’ fuel tank; a clean and welcoming atmosphere for customers and a healthy environment for the forecourt service personnel along with personalized and efficient service to our consumers. We also extend the Pure For Sure promise with a plethora of value added initiatives including loyalty memberships, payment solutions, convenience stores, restaurants, ATMs and more...

The Pure for Sure standards are maintained through several stringent measures from safeguarding the product in transit to fully automated fuel stations and specialized facilities and services. Pure For Sure fuel stations are subject to frequent audits conducted at regular intervals. These audits are conducted by independent and reputed third party certification agency to maintain credibility. To supplement the Third party certifications, we also carry out intensive inspections and mystery audits on a consistent basis to provide customers with a truly ‘Pure For Sure’ experience.

The network of Pure For Sure fuel stations stands at 6,600 outlets delivering pure fuel every day and helping us in fulfilling our ultimate aim of inspiring trust in our fuel stations.

Pure For Sure Platinum

Pure For Sure Platinum

We understand your needs...

With the changing times, competitive pressures and ever evolving consumer landscape have triggered urbanization and modernization of the fuel retailing industry. The new creed of our quality, service and efficiency is epitomized through our modern, technology-enabled Pure for Sure Platinum Fuel Stations across urban and highway markets, promising a fresh and welcoming environment.
Pure for Sure Platinum Fuel Stations are another first to Bharat Petroleum’s credit, representative of our commitment towards serving our customers with round-the-clock service in a technology enabled environment.
Hi-Tech and environment-friendly offerings are the cornerstones of PFS Platinum. With a fresh and welcoming environment, quality product and services such as restaurants, convenience stores, refreshment corners, add-on facilities such as wind shield cleaning, additional toilets, water and air points, CCTV monitoring etc., our fuel stations are completely focused on the needs of the motorist.
The aspects factored in the design of the Pure For Sure Platinum Fuel Stations are convenience, comfort and of course charm! One cannot miss the fact that the improved design and layout, together with a shift in the service offerings, is transforming forecourt retailing from an ‘add on’ provision to an invaluable service in its own right.
As we cross the landmark of 1,000 Pure For Sure Platinum Fuel Stations in the country, we guarantee our customers of our best in class products and services at our Pure For Sure Platinum Stations. Pure For Sure Platinum is an all out effort to strengthening the relationship between the company and its customers, and by all means, we at Bharat Petroleum stand for our tagline for PFS Platinum, “Vaada Nahi Daava!!!”.


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