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Speed Fuels

Speed Fuels

Engine performance is crucial to a seamless and exciting driving experience. Enjoy an exhilarating driving experience with Bharat Petroleum’s high performance premium fuel brands, Speed and Hi Speed Diesel.

Speed Fuel is enriched with special multi-functional additives (MFA) that keep your vehicle’s engine clean thereby maximizing its power and improving fuel economy. Speed also lowers vehicular emissions, ensuring reliable engine performance and a smoother drive.

Speed is proud to partner with the Fastest Indian, India’s first Formula 1 Racer, Narain Karthikeyan as a Speed brand ambassador, as we believe that “With Speed Every Car is a Super Car”.

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The Speed Advantage

The Speed Advantage

When your vehicle is new, the engine components such as intake valves, fuel injectors and combustion chambers are free from harmful deposits. Over a period of time, carbon deposits begin to accumulate in these regions, thereby affecting your driving experience as well as your vehicle’s power output and fuel consumption.

Speed cleans and reduces the accumulation of these deposits, thereby helping the engine stay clean and run efficiently for a longer period of time. Thus, Speed restores peak engine performance, giving you improved fuel efficiency and a smoother driving experience. Moreover, Speed being an environmentally responsible product, it controls emissions and lowers your vehicle maintenance costs.

Here’s why you should use Speed:

  1. Improved Performance and Efficiency
  2. Better Driving Experience
  3. Reduced Emissions
  4. Lower Maintenance Cost
Speed Fuels


Speed is proud to be the Fuel Partner of Mahindra Baja SAE, an annual international motor extravaganza that empowers engineering students to shape and design cars of the future.  
Based on the format hosted by SAE, US, Baja SAE is all for bringing out the innovation and creativity of students coming from leading Indian engineering colleges across the country. Speed loves to drive auto passion and precision among the young engineering students as they compete with teams, working relentlessly to ensure that their buggies pass every static and dynamics test at Pithampur, Indore.
With a specially created sports facility sprawling over 220 acres, over 4,500 young students congregate for one of the biggest motor sport event in the world and celebrate their need for Speed.

About BAJA SAE 2016 :


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