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Reinforcing the customers' trust


Initially counselling began in Bharat Petroleum to overcome the different problems of employees at work. But now, we have come closer to their lives. Thus now counselling does not only aim at solving disputes at work but involves a whole gamut of issues ranging from employees overall development to the development of their families. Thus there is a shift from what used to exist earlier as our orientation is towards prevention. Over the time, recoveries and success stories started flowing in resulting in values of counselling being upheld as an important contribution for employees’ wellbeing. Thus at the refinery counselling is seen as a mission which aims at making people live lives fruitfully. The help received through counselling is what is valued by most of our employees. As a continuation to individual help, we feel proud to say that we are one of very few companies who regularly visit employees at their plant. This helps us to understand employees better and plan intervention. Accordingly, Plant talks have made a positive effect in the minds of the employees as they get an idea that the company is really interested in their issues


Alcohol and drug use is extremely common in today’s world. In spite of the awareness of the ill effects of these substances, people continue to get addicted to it. The abuse and addictions result in malfunctioning of an individual in major spheres of life. Addictions lead to poor work performances, disrupted relationships and adjustment problems. The rising awareness about employee welfare and raising the quality of work, various companies’ today make efforts to reduce addictions.

We have been one of the first companies to engage in continuous endeavours to help our addicted employees to overcome their problems. We have successfully partnered with Kripa Foundations De-addiction Centre for sustainable efforts in this direction. Kripa Foundation is one of the largest non- governmental organisations in India helping people suffering from chemical dependency and HIV infection. Kripa offers a non-discriminating, supportive community living, helping people to introspect and bring about change in lifestyle.


Although difficult to believe, the success ratio is 60% at the refinery level, whereas the addiction improvement rate worldwide is 45.50%. Through counselling employees who recovered from alcohol addiction and the other personal problems became our biggest strength for extending our chain of human help. These peer educators are very efficient at work and they aid our CSR activity by being of help to the other addict employees and the community too.


A de-addiction centre has been set up at Pune for both men and women addicts for all over Maharashtra. The Kripa Foundation runs it. We are supporting them and helping them in their efforts.


Through all the Employee assistance programmes, prominence is given to family as a system. It is a known fact that family is one of the most closely knit system which needs to be enriched to cope with the stresses and strain of life. Thus when an employee comes with a problem, joint counselling sessions are also conducted including his family members to ensure resolving of problems amicably.


Children are tomorrow’s future, and when it comes to our own employee’s children. We ensure their development through various activities like Career guidance, aptitude tests, etc.


During training or workshops, one of the main topics covered is parenting. This is important because in today’s competitive world it is very difficult to manage both work and house Thus to ensure care of children, parenting sessions are conducted about emotional problems and difficulties encountered by children at different stages, puberty issues, etc.


In women lie nature’s best qualities of motherhood, compassion, humanity and love. Because they have been blessed with the capacity for giving and nurturing life, women also have the capacity for a deep commitment for preserving and nourishing not only their own offspring, but of the entire planet as well. Bharat Petroleum is also blessed with efficient women staff who are enthusiastic and who come forward to help others. Women power in the true sense is seen when women meet regularly and discuss the varied issues which affect them. While it is normally said that a woman is a woman’s worst enemy. But at the refinery, the bond within the women is exceptionally charged with making a difference to their personal as well as work life.


This is a new activity which has been initiated at the refinery. Some of the women employees are made the ‘Safety Ambassadors’ to ensure that safety is implemented at the plant. These ‘Safety Ambassadors’ along with the plant’s safety observers are responsible for ensuring that adequate safety measures are followed.